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Many users of those websites are also offending effeminate gay men with comments such as "NO FEMS! " (sometimes added by further derogatory comments).Those hostile, aversive, derogatory comments are very similar, if not borrowed from the ones that effeminate gay guys sometimes face from the rest of society. NET etc): 1) To clearly prohibit or restrict any hostile or derogatory language toward any RACE, NATIONALITY, EFFEMINATE or HIV POSITIVE GAY MEN in any member's individual page or chat rooms, including: a) Expressing their preferences in a negative sentence (e.g. "Whites ONLY", or "JUST looking for Whites") c) Giving unnecessary emphasis: e.g.Although some characterize discrimination among partners on the basis of race as a form of racism, others present it as a matter of preference.In May 2011, 2177 gay and bisexual men in Australia participated in an online survey that assessed how acceptably they viewed online sexual racism.Sociologist Andrea Baker has looked at the phenomenon of online dating in a number of publications, including two books, Double Click, and Online Matchmaking (edited with Monica T. More recently, however, studies are beginning to emerge that examine the phenomenon of interracial dating in the context of online dating sites.

Online, people use sex and dating profiles to describe racialized attraction through language such as “Not attracted to Asians.” Among gay and bisexual men, sexual racism is a highly contentious issue.Sexual racism, therefore, is closely associated with generic racist attitudes, which challenges the idea of racial attraction as solely a matter of personal preference.If you use GAYDAR or other similar dating websites you will have noticed people making comments such as: "No/not into Asians/Blacks" sometimes added by "sorry, that's just my taste".If we’re really as post-racial as many claim, then race shouldn’t be a factor in dating or mate selection.It’s a question that needs to be put to the test, and online dating sites are an excellent way to do that, in part because of the user profiles, where race is an issue.