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Lucky for us 21st century betches, we have the internet and Lena Dunham to teach us that, despite what your Bible study teacher might say, period sex is totally a thing. Being cramped, smelly, and bloated is no way for any woman to live her life. Being hornier than usual due to period-related hormones but not being able to do anything about it because bae has a pathological fear of washing his sheets.Evidence shows that children whose parents talk about sex openly start having sex at a later stage and are more likely to use contraception. If they seem happy with your answer and don't ask a follow-up question, you've probably given them enough information. For example, if your three-year-old asks why she hasn't got a penis like her brother, you could tell her that boys have penises on the outside and girls have vaginas on the inside. You could answer by saying: "Babies grow in a woman's tummy, and when they're ready they come out into the world". If not, your child's follow-up question could be, "How does the baby get in there? They need to know that it's OK to talk about sex and relationships, and that you're happy to talk about it.If they ask another question, you can tell them more. They'll learn this through your tone and manner when you talk about sex, so try to treat sex as a normal, everyday subject.Denise Knowles is a psychosexual therapist with Relate, a charity providing non-judgemental support around sex and relationships.Here, Denise gives advice on talking about sex, whether it's bringing up a problem or simply telling your partner your likes and dislikes. The moment we take our clothes off in front of someone, we place our mind and body in an extreme position of vulnerability.We want to impress our sexual partner, yet many of us struggle to verbalise what we actually want from the sexual experience.

Instead of talking, we turn to technology and transmit our sexual needs and desires through the world of pornography.

Turns out, horny people will find ways to have sex, whether there is a little blood involved or not. When you introduce the topic, don’t make it out to be a bigger deal than it actually is—being awkward about your period just makes other people awkward too.

Remember that menstruation isn’t actually disgusting; it’s just some blood.

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