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Liner Shield AC XB is the solution for large-scale, high-brightness architectural illumination.

The outdoor-rated Liner Shield AC XB, intended for wall washing and grazing, enables sophisticated bright light output, projecting long distances with a broad range of colors consisting of RGB, warm white, and cold white tones.

Simple connection system – Standard daisy-chain topology with combined power and data cable simplifies wiring and lowers installation costs.

Detachable base design – The detachable base design gives the option of integrated or separated mounting for the base and the lamp.

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Outdoor-rated – Designed to accommodate exterior environments where a rich, even wash or graze is necessary, Liner Shield AC XB’s IP66 rating renders it a strong solution for exterior façade illumination.Fin initially dislikes Harlan, but he tries to win her over. They have more than just a love of theater in common as Harlan also previously worked with her father. This conference will focus on the state of the art within relevant research areas and on challenges and future avenues of research.The conference were held on Campus Hamar, a campus located in the town center of Hamar, one hour from Oslo Airport by train.